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Name: Sell XYH-OK-C3536 External-Rotor Motor, Brushless Motor
Origin: China (Mainland)
Model No: any size
Post Date: 2014-06-26 11:07:16
Expiry Date: 2014-12-23 11:07:16
Product Description
Sell XYH-OK-C3536 External-Rotor Motor, Brushless Motor:
Model No.:XYH-OK-C3536
Product Origin:shenzhen
Brand Name:
Price Terms:
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Description:XYH-OK-C3536 external-rotor motor brushless motor It is used of brushless motor electron speed regulator with 30A working current and 2~3 lithium batteries packet and provides powerful power for mini aeromodelling plane with 600~1,400g flight weight. You can order any favorable appearance and colorful colors. For more products please visit our website.
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